Games Corner

About the Cafe

Games Corner was founded on 16 September 2013. The idea was to provide gamers with adequate game stations so they could enjoy and develop their talent in different genres of gaming. We wish to help esports become a major part of India. Games Corner or famously known as GC, provides professional-level computers and equipment for gamers to hone their skills. Our infrastructure can help individuals aspiring to become esports athletes. We cater to gamers who want to have fun and looking for casual gaming. The cafe also provides food and beverage to gamers at very reasonable rates.

Gaming at Games Corner

Gamers playing games

We ensure that our users get a top-notch experience while playing games. We use authentic brands to build our system and provide an unforgettable experience. Our monitors are 144Hz with one millisecond response time, ensuring close to zero input lag. The high FPS on a great display, paired with professional peripherals give an immersive experience which is crucial for competitive players. We have built an incredible networking infrastructure which ensures lag-free gaming and uninterrupted internet. 

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Unique Gamers


This is by far the best gaming parlor here in south Kolkata.
- Paradox

Best gaming parlour I have ever visited.
- Simran Kaur

High end 144hz pc, chill atmosphere & affordable price. Would recommend everyone.

-Vivek Saha