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CS-GO Tournament

Games Corner is planning to organize a CS tournament in the upcoming months. Stay tuned to be updated.


Dota 2 in Best Gaming Cafe in Kolkata

Dota 2

The transformation from casual gaming to a competitive one started with Dota. It was one of the first competitive games which we installed on our systems. The game brings a wave of nostalgia and excitement to the gamers in our cafe.

CS GO in Best Gaming Cafe in Kolkata


The rise of CS-GO completely changed our perspective towards gaming. It is one of the most played FPS games of all-time. The need for better infrastructure to support FPS games drives us forward and has made us one of the best gaming cafes in Kolkata.

PUBG in Best Gaming Cafe in Kolkata


PUBG has seen its immaculate growth in the past. It is one of the most played multiplayer games. Games Corner provides all versions of PUBG starting from PC, mobile or lite version. Gamers can enjoy all versions of the best battle royale at our place.

Apex Legends in Best Gaming Cafe in Kolkata

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the newer battle royale games with an exciting twist to the genre. Although Apex has not picked up the hype like PUBG or Fortnite, it is a glorious game to have a lot of fun with. We strongly recommend trying this game out. 

Rainbowsix Siege in Best Gaming Cafe in Kolkata

RainbowSix Siege

A great tactical shooter with First-Person-Shooter feel. RainbowSix is an exciting refresh to the way people play FPS. It makes you deep-dive into the strategy side of the title. One cannot win on excellent aim alone. A great alternative to other esports titles.

Fortnite in Best Gaming Cafe in Kolkata


A love at first sight for the kids. The cartoon graphics and refreshing updates of the Fortnite keeps it interesting for the young gamers. Building and destroying stuff is a lot of fun and so is the involvement of friends in a custom game.

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Unique Gamers


This is by far the best gaming parlor here in south Kolkata.
- Paradox

Best gaming parlour I have ever visited.
- Simran Kaur

High end 144hz pc, chill atmosphere & affordable price. Would recommend everyone.

-Vivek Saha